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Non-profit organizations need event planners to help them more fully meet their educational missions in conducting conferences, seminars and fundraising events.  As your event consultants, we will assist you in raising awareness of your mission and community initiatives. 


We understand that fundraising is the lifeblood of most non-profits.  When planning non-profit events, our professionals become a part of your team. We are passionate about supporting the projects we take on and seeing them through. Our mission is to see you exceed your fundraising goals and assist you with the growing and branding of your event. We have managed and assisted such events with theme, decor, sponsorship procurement, committee involvement, entertainment, lighting, audio visual, and many other areas.  We offer invaluable resources to maximize sponsorship and donation opportunities. We understand the importance of your goals and are there to help you meet them. Contact us for a free event consultation and learn how we can meet your budget and exceed your expectations.


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