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It is our goal to create memorable social, corporate, charity, and private events for our valued clients. We specialize in the full-service production of custom made events. Recognizing the value of your time and money, Chalette Michelle & Company endeavors to minimize and eliminate the obstacles involved with event coordination. Contact us today for a free event consultation and we'll plan your next great ball, bash or business meeting!



Chalette Michelle & Company brings together experienced industry professionals who believe in the power of connecting people. 

  • Face-to-face meetings build trust and relationships
  • Both education and training are more effective in a live setting
  • Live meetings actually save time and money
  • Live meetings facilitate problem solving through a more effective exchange of ideas
  • Face-to-face meetings provide the human connection that powers business
  • Face-to-face meetings create jobs and powers the economy


Strategic event planning drives meetings and events to achievable and measurable outcomes, aligned with business objectives that drive business success.  This planning takes time and effort, which means part of the strategy should be to organize the event efficiently and within a budget. Chalette Michelle & Company professionals will strategically layout your event plan to drive business performance, design effective and efficient meetings and events, and measure strategic business outcomes.  These outcomes track goal achievement and will effectively design future meetings. 



Chalette Michelle & Company believes in the business value of meetings. Meetings drive sales and profitability for business and enable organizations to deliver on key strategic objectives. They serve as a catalyst for education and professional development, motivation, behavior change and concrete action. And for the hundreds of local economies that rely on the meetings economy, conferences create jobs and tax revenues wherever participants gather. Meeting professionals have known this for years. Now they can prove it. 


Chalette Davis is the Founder, President & Chief Event Officer of Chalette Michelle & Company.  She’s planned and directed large events since 1993.  Chalette attended the University of Florida where she thrived and planned events as a student leader, AFROTC cadet and president of a non-profit service organization. Upon graduation, she was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U. S. Air Force and served as a logistics officer supporting the planning and deployment missions of the 509th Bomb Wing.  


After her service, she relocated to plan political events and educational conferences in Washington D.C., and later planned international medical meetings for the Washington Hospital Center. After returning to Florida, she ran a national educational sales and training program for No Child Left Behind supplemental educational service providers. Since 2008 she's led the planning, donor relations and event execution for non-profit fundraising and educational events throughout the state of Florida.


After spending over half her life planning events, Chalette became a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) in 2011. So with her CMP and a solid foundation of over 15 years of event planning experience, she founded Chalette Michelle & Company.  Chalette is passionate about her work and industry and is a self-proclaimed "event diva".  She likes meeting people with a good story to tell; and LOVES to produce and attend dynamically fun, entertaining and educational events. Follow her personal tweets (if you dare) on twitter @eventdivas .


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