Special Events Are Our Business!

Chalette Michelle and Company is a corporate, non-profit and social event solutions collaborative that believes in the business and social value of bringing people together. Face-to-face meetings , networking and special events yield real, tangible business and social outcomes that can only be achieved by bringing people together. The CM & Co. collaborative brings together experienced industry professionals who believe in the power of connecting people. Let us tap into that energy and we will unlock your power potential.  Invest in our experience and we will connect you with the best. Chalette Michelle and Company will assist you in building lasting relationships that will help you grow, flourish and succeed.

Contact us to learn more about how we can craft your perfect special occasion, conference or business event.  Let us elevate your experience. Contact us today, tell us your needs and consider your event planned. Chalette Michelle & Co. professionals are known for finding unique venues, developing elegant decor, presenting delicious catering options and infusing innovative styles - in short, an educational, entertaining & empowering event. 


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